Development Progress Report, week 26

So, 26 weeks is six months. That’s a while, even if I haven’t been working very many hours each of those weeks. Things have come a long way since those first few lines of narrative and code.

This time, there’s a video. It’s short, only twenty seconds long, but it shows some of the options screens in action.

The frame-rate of the video is lower than that of the application, so Argus runs more smoothly than what you see here.

An effect I was particularly pleased with is where the save-file’s thumbnail zooms out to fill the screen, and then becomes the loaded session.

That turned out to look and feel even better than I had hoped.

It won’t look¬†quite as good if the window-size or screen aspect-ratio is different, but the user will probably be using the same each time, so it doesn’t matter as much. Argus’ visual layout changes depending on these factors, so it isn’t just a case of smooth-scaling everything to a size.

To say that I am pleased by the result, anyway, would be an understatement.

There are a few items that need fleshing out. Some controls and widgets are still missing from the save/load screens, and such, but they’re minor work items now that the underlying functionality is there.

This has primarily been a polishing week for code. Over the next few days, I want to sink my teeth back into the SNAFU narrative.

I’m not sure when the next alpha-demo is due, but it will probably be within the next month.