Scene chart, day one

Here’s SNAFU’s scene chart for what is officially ‘day one’ of the story. There’s stuff up above that, but that largely happens in prologue (some character narratives start earlier than day one).

SNAFU scene chart, narrative day one.

(click the image for a larger view)

Heck, this isn’t really even day one, proper, all of this one starts late in the day. This is mostly just an evening of story, starting around dusk (except for scene 315 up near the top there, which is an afternoon scene).

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Development progress report, week 15

Development is picking up again, with some actual measurable progress towards the next milestone. Despite, again, not being able to spend much time on it.

The narrative is up to 213,734 words, which is 5,081 words up from last week. A number of narrative glitches got fixed, and there’s only a few more character narratives to complete to close in on the target point of the narrative, that comprises the development-milestone.

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Development progress report, week 14

And we’re back after a gap of a couple of weeks. Melbourne International Games Week was a bust for me, thanks to some badly-timed medical problems, and a life-threatening illness in the family, which is no longer life-threatening, but still remains unidentified.

After a two-week gap, it  has been a bit tricky to try to get back into things, but actually enough got accomplished to be well-satisfying.

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Stuff happens

A family medical crisis has blocked development last week and this week. Lots of running around and hospital stuff. Development week 14 will start as soon as it is practicable to do do so.